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Checking The Pulse: What RB(s) Would You Rather Have In 2011 Than Arian Foster?

We already asked the question as it relates to Matt Schaub. We now turn our attention to running back, where Jonathan Wells, James Allen, Tony Hollings, Domanick Davis, Stacey Mack, Wali Lundy, Chris Taylor, Darius Walker, Ron Dayne, Samkon Gado, Vernand Morency, Ahman Green, Chris Brown, Ryan Moats, and Steve Slaton (among others who I can't recall right now) once roamed.

For the 2011 season, what running back, aside from Arian Foster, would you rather have in the backfield for your Houston Texans? Note that the question is specifically phrased with the 2011 season in mind; I'm not talking about who'd be best in three or five years. Note further that we're not talking about what it'd take to get said RB(s); assume that you'd simply be swapping Foster out for another RB, with no other pieces changing and contract terms not being an issue. Essentially, the question is: Who do you believe is a better RB than Arian Foster as we move toward the 2011 season?

Pointless exercise? You bet! Don't let that stop you! The list of RBs I'd rather have for the 2011 Houston Texans awaits your ridicule after the jump.

The list is a lie. There is no running back I'd rather have than Arian Foster in 2011.

Not Chris Johnson? Adrian Peterson? Maurice Jones-Drew? Cecil Sapp? No, no, no, and close, but no. They're not superior to Arian Foster as we head into 2011.

Agree? Disagree? Ready to defend Cecil Sapp's honor? Spread the word in the Comments below.