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Open Thread: 2011 Pro Bowl

There are many injustices in this world. You and I may differ on the identities and/or severity of the most egregious injustices, but we can surely agree on the most catastrophic injustice currently plaguing our society: Matt Schaub does not have the opportunity to defend his MVP crown in Hawaii this evening. IT'S AN OUTRAGE.

Nevertheless, all hope is not lost. As I type this, Arian Foster and Vonta Leach are readying themselves to defend the honor of The Schaub, the Texans, and fans of 6-10 football teams.

This is your open thread for the 2001 2011 Pro Bowl (6 p.m. CST on Fox!) and, given that it's getting published at noon CST, this is your open thread for the rest of your Sunday. Do what you do.