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Battle Red Radio: The Funeral (9 PM CT)

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So I don't know if anyone noticed, but even despite losing a close game to the Raiders on Sunday, the Texans are a) in first place and b) actually still have games left on the schedule! Funny how that works out.

Join myself, MDC, and for the first time, UprootedTexan. We will take you on a fantastic voyage of sliding, sliding, and slippity sliding. Including tangents on the game, on Mario Williams, and about our upcoming matchup against the Baltimore Ravens football club. 

If you'd like to get a question answered, there are two ways:

Option A: You could call in to the show! Our phone number is 661-244-9808. I'm not going to try to create a call-in segment anymore. I'll just work with the calls we have. The lines will open after the show starts, and as I see a caller, I'll take them in and let them lob their questions at us. Keep in mind that a) this is not a toll-free call for you and b) it may take 10-15 minutes to get to your call depending on call volume and a fairly cheap studio setup here.

Option B: Leave us a question in the comments. We'll try to hit on it in a special segment near the end of the show.

Here's a direct link to the show if the embed link below does not let you listen live. While you wait, you can catch up on last week's show, where "John McClain" verbally abused me and ruined my life. Oh, and TexansDC was around for the first time!

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