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If This Doesn't Work, Just Drink Heavily - Or Just Do That Regardless

"Is Andre still hurt?"
"Is Andre still hurt?"
"Is Andre still hurt?".....
"Is Andre still hurt?" "Yes" "Is Andre still hurt?" "Yes" "Is Andre still hurt?".....

I thought about writing a summary of the game.  I thought about writing about that last play.  I thought about writing that once Schaub left the pocket he had to try to make a play because there was no guarantee that he would have enough time for a second attempt (remember, he doesn't have the luxury of looking at the clock during the play).  I thought about writing that for the entire game, it looked like Jacoby Jones was just not helping his quarterback and how he was drifting away from the play and not getting open.  I thought about writing that the Texans still managed a really good pass rush after Mario went out. 

But then I started to read the comments here on BRB.  I agreed with some, disagreed with others, got mad at a few, and nodded emphatically at others.  Then I realized that the last thing Texans fans needed is another analysis as to why we had to witness another painful loss.

Instead, in an effort to ease the pain a little and because I have nothing but love for our loyal readers, here are ten things to raise the spirits of Texans fans.

  1. The remaining teams on the Texans schedule have gone 22-31 so far this season for a 0.415 winning percentage.
  2. The quarterbacks for those remaining teams are Joe Flacco, Matt Hasselbeck, Blaine Gabbert, Colt McCoy, Josh Freeman, Blaine Gabbert, Matt Ryan, Andy Dalton, Cam Newton, Curtis Painter, and Jake Locker (I'm assuming Hasselbeck will be hurt by week 17).  That list includes five rookies, one second year player, and Curtis Painter.  Sure some of those guys can have big days, but if you could hand pick the remaining quarterbacks to play, it would be tough to make a better list.
  3. My best understanding of the word "moderation" in this article is that it means "whatever is necessary, but no fewer than 10 per day."
  4. In two and a half games, Arian Foster has more rushing yards than Chris Johnson has all season.  He also has more receiving yards.
  5. Quote from Gary Kubiak's Monday press conference regarding Andre's availability this week:  "I don’t know. We’ll see where he’s at each and every week. As of right now, the soreness has went away, his rehab has picked up, so we’ll see where he’s at each day."
  6. This.
  7. Sage Rosenfels and Steve Slaton are now members of the Miami Dolphins.  Future Dolphins include Petey Faggins, Shaun Cody, Jacoby Jones, and Andrew Luck.
  8. I know this isn't exactly "new", but there's no way you can browse this site and not laugh.
  9. The Jaguars are apparently looking for other punting options to compete with Matt Turk
  10. Lastly, this

I hope this makes your day at least a little bit better.