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Texans Trade For Derrick Mason, Sign Trindon Holliday And Jesse Nading, Waive David Anderson And Chris Ogbonnaya

I believe the word is "frenzy."  Some quick thoughts after the jump.

-This is undoubtedly an indictment of Jacoby Jones. Not only do the Texans sign another WR, but they sign another return man so Jakespeare can "focus on [his] primary position." I guess I was mistaken, because I thought returning punts was Jacoby's primary position. The overwhelming weight of his career evidence sure does indicate that it isn't wide receiver.

-Why would Trindon Holliday return kickoffs? Danieal Manning has been an excellent return man. That makes no sense to me.

-I'm fine with the price of a conditional draft pick for Derrick Mason. I just don't think Mason has much left in the tank. Still, he's likely to have better hands than Jakespeare and therefore will catch more than one of every eleven balls thrown his way. That qualifies as an upgrade.

-While I'm a bit surprised the Texans parted ways with David Anderson (again), I really shouldn't be.

-I trust that the decision to jettison Chris Ogbonnaya means Ben Tate and/or Derrick Ward will be ready to go on Sunday in Baltimore. That's a rare bit of good news.

-John McClain reports that Andre Johnson will not play on Sunday. Disappointing, but almost surely for the best.

-Jesse Nading is the new Brooks Reed. Which means Brooks Reed simply has to do a reasonable approximation of Mario Williams. No sweat, right?

Your thoughts on today's moves, BRB?

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