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Deep Steel Blueprint: The Coverage Of Bernard

After a week absence, due to using all the good material on Battle Red Radio (give it a listen this week for UT and MDC), the Deep Steel Blueprint makes its glorious return for the hardest remaining game on the 2011 schedule of your Houston Texans.

On Sunday, the Texans make their way to Baltimore to take on the vaunted Ravens. The owners of the third-best defense in the NFL, according to yardsMetrics-wise, Baltimore owns the best defense in the NFL. It’s no wonder that many people have chalked this up as a loss, as the defense is stout, to say the least.

However, there is a little voice in my head that questions this year’s version of the defense. Those questions are there because of the list of offensive juggernauts shut down by Baltimore: Pittsburgh, Tennessee, St. Louis, and New YorkStatistically and metrically, Pittsburgh is the best offense faced (12th yardage/10th metrics), and we’ve seen firsthand what that means.

Am I saying there is hope? Am I saying there is a way to move the ball against the Baltimore defense that those other "offenses" weren’t equipped to do? If there is a small crack in the armor that Houston can exploit, I’m sure Simon and Garfunkel can help us find it.

Do I even need to tell you to jump after that vague tease? 

Hello Pollard, our old friend,
Texans come to play with you again,
Because a tight end softly creeping,
Left wide open like you were sleeping,
And the blueprint that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the coverage of Bernard.

In Sunday’s games we ran routes
Skinny posts, ins, and outs,
'Near the zone of a strong safety,
Tight ends make their cut upfield for thirty
When our eyes were stabbed by the catch of repeated passes
That split the hashes
And beat the coverage of Bernard.

In the Maryland light we’ll see
Fifty thousand people, maybe more.
People screaming without speaking,
People hearing without listening,
People saying things that Houston voices shared
That e’ryone one dares
Disturb the coverage of Bernard.

"Gary" said I, "You surely know
Bernard, like Kareem, covers slow.
Read my words that I might teach you,
Take my plans that I might reach you."
But my words like silent raindrops fell,
And echoed
In the mind of Bernard.

And Houstonians laughed and jeered
At the Bonecrusher they once cheered.
As TDC flashed out his warning,
In the words that he was forming.
And TDC said, the words of the blueprint is written on the stadium walls
And sports blogs.
And whisper'd go after the coverage of Bernard.

Texans vs Ravens coverage