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Vonta Leach And Bernard Pollard On Playing The Houston Texans

Wondering how The Human Coke Machine feels about facing his former team on Sunday? Wonder no more.

"It’s going to be fun and weird," Leach said. "I’m going to have mixed emotions leading up to the game and during the game. But hey, we’re all professionals. I want to win, and when the game starts, it’s on."


"Yeah, I’m playing against the guys I’ve been in the locker room with for five years, but I don’t think I left on a bad note," he said. "I was happy, they were happy. It was just one of those situations where they had other parties they had to take care of, and I was the odd man out."

The Ravens are now averaging 4.3 yards per carry with Vonta blocking for Ray Rice and Ricky Williams after averaging 3.8 per carry last year.

Bernard Pollard, believe it or not, didn't give out any bulletin board material to his former teammates. His remarks about playing the team that let him walk in the offseason were downright subdued.

"I have no hard feelings," Pollard said. "I’m just ready to play football."


"We’re looking to go somewhere, and we have to go through them to get there," Pollard said. "That’s just how it is."

Not a single pledge to knock the piss out of someone? I don't even know who you are anymore, Bernard.

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