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Open Thread: Sunday Night Football

I just got a text from Tim, asking me if I could put up a Sunday Night Football Open Thread.  Ostensibly, he could not do it because his kid needed attention or something like that.  My theory is that he just asked me to do it because he wondered if I could get through the intro without going into whatever the blog version of a four-state killing spree would be.  (To say that I am a little less optimistic than Tim is right now is an understatement on par with saying, "The playcalls on the the Texans' last possession were kinda weak.")

But, you know ... whatever.  It's Football Night In America!  Matt Forte!  Adrian Peterson!  And a bunch of dudes who are way past their primes!  

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have roughly four hundred and thirty-seven gallons of vodka to drink between now and bedtime.