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Update On Matt Schaub's MRI, Plus Other Texans Injury News

Matt Schaub, on the results of yesterday's MRI:

"Everything looks fine," Schaub said. "Everything looks good. It’s just a standard procedure just to make sure for knowledge of the doctors and everything. It was just a couple different things, but the good thing is everything’s fine. Just got to get in the training room and get healed up. I’ll be ready to go for this weekend, no doubt about it."
More Texans injury news awaits you beyond the jump.

Thanks to this article from the team's official site, we're treated to updates (sort of) about several other Houston Texans.

-Dominique Barber is out for the season and will be placed on injured reserve. While his contributions at safety were negligible, Barber was a solid special teams contributor.

-James Casey is still day-to-day, but it's encouraging to hear he's working out again. I think we saw how much the Texans missed him in Baltimore. Lawrence Vickers just doesn't bring the bevy of skills to the table that Casey does.

-Andre Johnson "feeling very, very good" makes me feel very, very good. It would be a monstrous lift to have him on the field in Nashville this week, though it's worth noting that no one has come out and explicitly stated he's more likely than not to play on Sunday.

-Keep an eye on Duane Brown. With Rashad Butler already lost for the season, the Texans simply cannot afford for Brown to miss any time.

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