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Andre Johnson Speaks About His Injury And Timetable For Return

Andre Johnson spoke to the guys on 610 this morning. Here's the audio from the interview. For those who don't want to listen to the full exchange, this story contains a few quotes from 'Dre.

Long story short, it's unlikely Andre Johnson will be playing on Sunday at Tennessee. The reasons why are after the jump.

While 'Dre is running, he's not running at full speed, and he described the injured area as "still weak" and "not as strong as it used to be." Johnson also confirmed that he was given a timetable of six weeks before he could return, though he thinks that he'll be back faster than that. Seeing as how he went down on October 2nd, it seems very unlikely that he'd be healed and/or ready to go by Sunday (October 23rd).

While I'd guess 'Dre will be back well before the Texans' bye week, after listening to that interview, I'd be very surprised if he suited up against the Titans on Sunday...much to the delight of one Cortland Innegan.

What was all that "feeling very, very good" talk, Kubes? YOU CAN'T TOY WITH MY EMOTIONS LIKE THAT.

Tip o' the cap to Lone Spot for sending me these links.

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