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Danieal Manning Has Surgery, Will Not Be Placed On Injured Reserve

"He's starting the rehab process, and we're hoping to get him back," coach Gary Kubiak said. "He has an opportunity to come back this season. It's four weeks and beyond, so we'll have to see."

Other interesting nuggets (one of which qualifies as a shocker) from Kubiak's presser today are after the jump.

John McClain says that Troy Nolan will replace Manning in the starting lineup. That's not much of a surprise. What is shocking to me, however, is McClain writing that Brandon Harris will compete with Shiloh Keo to back up Nolan. As much as many Texans fans have been clamoring to see what Brandon Harris can do, I don't think any of us ever imagined it'd be at safety. That makes no sense to me, and this marks the first time I've ever even read of such a possibility. It's totally out of left field.

Buried in McClain's story is Kubiak apparently saying James Casey will play on Sunday, as well as Kubiak supposedly "hoping" Andre Johnson can return as well. That qualifies as great news.

But Brandon Harris at safety? What?