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Samsung Game Ball Of The Week: Arian Foster

Awarding the fake game ball of the week after a 41-7 blowout on the road was actually a more taxing exercise than it may have appeared to be at first glance. Indeed, Arian Foster was an animal in Tennessee, rushing for 115 yards, catching five passes for 119 yards, and scoring three, count 'em, three TDs. He was phenomenal.

But so was Matt Schaub. Schaub finished 18-23 for 296 yards and a pair of TD passes while operating the offense about as seamlessly as it can be run.

And what about the offensive line? They kept Schaub clean all afternoon and opened up enough holes that not only did Foster do what he did on the ground, but Ben Tate was able to tack on an additional 104 yards on the ground as well.

What about on the other side of the ball? Johnathan Joseph continued to demonstrate that he was worth every penny the Texans threw at him in the offseason. Danieal Manning, as TDC noted, made what may have been the key play of the game before leaving with an injury. Brian Cushing looks an awful lot like the Brian Cushing of '09, which is great news for Houston fans and terrible news for the rest of the NFL. J.J. Watt wreaked havoc on the defensive line. Brooks Reed and Brice McCain got in on the action too, contributing a sack and a pick-six, respectively.

Lots of deserving candiates this week. Truly, I wish I had Samsung Galaxy SIIs for all of them. Actually, I don't even have a single Samsung Galaxy SII to give away. If I did, however, Arian Foster would get it. Your Houston Texans went into Sunday's game needing him to be the best RB in the league again, and he was. For that, Arian Foster more than earned this pretend, yet tremendously prestigious, award.

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