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Freddy's Letters: Long and Sanctimonious

Freddy had quite a few topics to talk about this weekend. The unbridled joy of the Houston Texans beating a team that has been in the NFL's "in" club for most of the last decade. The sheer terror of watching Andre Johnson go to the ground as if he had been shot. The cruelty that comes with watching referees take every great play of the game away from your team at some point.

But no, instead he has to write about the community.

This has been one of the best communities on SB Nation for quite some time. What we saw this week was ... a disaster. An abomination. Steelers fans were very proud of their one fanpost despite how terribly unfunny and dumb it was. We rightfully gave them the business for it, then seemed to turn around and adopt that same spirit. The personal attacks were all over the place. The number of subjects that probably shouldn't be breached on a sports blog rose quickly, and most tellingly, Ben Roethlisberger's past foibles led to a lot of this letter.