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Unsung Hero: Jacoby Jones Plays His Part, Sets Up Two Touchdowns

Brian Cushing is excited to hear who was the unsung hero of the game.
Brian Cushing is excited to hear who was the unsung hero of the game.

All-Pro running back Arian Foster? The chatter for handing him a new contract has increased after another 100-yard performance.

Pro Bowl quarterback Matt Schaub? He had another solid outing and got the chuckles going early with his touchdown run.

Former Defensive Rookie of the Year Brian Cushing? The Brain Crusher is back into vintage form and making an impact.

Steady veteran wide receiver Kevin Walter? He's making certain people look awfully smart after he continued to step up in the absence of Andre Johnson.

Who, pray tell, is your unsung hero from yesterday's 24-14 Houston Texans victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars? Who is the fifth unsung hero in the team's fifth victory?

Someone bust out the shrimp and gumbo because Louisiana's own Jacoby Jones takes home the honors this week for his significant, unsung contributions.

The maddening Twitter laureate showed up when necessary - despite his modest stat line of three catches for 59 yards and five punt returns for 56 yards.

Those three catches? All moved the chains for a fresh set of downs - including one on the opening drive to convert a 3rd down. That drive eventually turned into the touchdown run by Schaub.

The punt returns? Jones' big 33-yard return early in the third quarter set up Houston in Jacksonville territory. With a short field, the Texans would move down and score another touchdown - this time Schaub to tight end Joel Dreessen.

Jacoby Jones can drop easy passes and can dance around too much as a returner, but yesterday Jones made plays when needed and those plays helped set up two Texans touchdowns. To do all that to little fanfare? Well, that is what makes Jacoby Jones an unsung hero.

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