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Andre Johnson "Almost Close To Full Speed"

Nick Scurfield memorialized some pretty promising verbiage from Gary Kubiak and Andre Johnson this evening on the official site. See what Kubes and 'Dre had to say about 'Dre's status after the jump.

"I’m almost close to full speed," Johnson said on Thursday. "Everything’s been going very positive, so I’m pretty excited about that… We’ll come out and run again tomorrow, see how it feels, just make sure that I’m comfortable and we’ll go from there."

Whether or not Johnson plays against the Bucs, he has cleared the last major hurdle in his rehab. The two-time All-Pro said that he no longer feels tugging in his leg when he runs.

"That was the main thing that was holding me back," Johnson said. "I haven’t been feeling it the past couple days that I’ve been running. I guess the main thing now is just me getting confidence back in my leg. Sometimes when I’m running, I’m so used to feeling it that sometimes I’m waiting on it to happen."

"Andre’s very, very close, so it will probably be a decision we make tomorrow, whether he comes out here and practices with us or goes again with Kap, and then make a decision for the weekend," Kubiak said. "But he is doing extremely well.

"He was impressive today. I watched him; he was very good, full speed."

That all sounds very positive. Assuming the doctors clear him, do you believe Andre Johnson should play Sunday in Tampa? Sound off in the poll and expand upon your reasoning in the Comments below. Texans vs Buccaneers coverage