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Sleeper Of The Week: It Should Be Like Shooting Fish In A Barrel

Okay, so last week it looked like I was going to easily romp on my sleeper pick - tight end Joel Dreessen. On the opening drive, Dreessen had two catches for 27 yards (halfway to my prediction of four for 52 yards and a touchdown). Things were looking good for my Vaporubstradamus powers.

However, that pesky meddling duo of Arian Foster and Ben Tate (along with unsung hero Lawrence Vickers) made sure that ol' Matt Schaub would not have to sling the ball around. I guess a real Houston Texans victory will have to make up for missing my third consecutive correct prediction about fake football.

This week's advice for fantasy football is real easy. Of course, I will make you work for it by clicking the jump.

Do you have a Houston Texans skill player? Yes, you are a diehard fan super-homer didn't know what other players had to offer you smartly picked players from a perennial top-ten offense? Good. Now start them. All of them.

Yes, I just said start them all.

"TDC, that's a bold, yet gutless, pick. What do you mean I should start all of my Texans skill players," asks the ever inquisitive Battle Red Blog reader.

I mean, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers sit 27th in Football Outsiders' team defense DVOA (with a healthy 14.0%) and 29th in terms of raw total yards per game (398.9). For an offense averaging 393.6 YPG with a 20.3% offensive DVOA, it means it should be open season on a statistically poor Bucs defense.

Tampa Bay's giving up 4.9 yards per carry and opposing quarterbacks have a rating of 90.2 against their pass defense (which is 30th in pass defense DVOA). Anyway you slice this defense they are...uh....looking like they will be sliced by the Texans buzzsaw? 

Lack of a thesaurus aside, I would feel comfortable playing Matt Schaub, Owen Daniels, Joel Dreessen, Arian Foster, and Ben Tate. Wide receivers Kevin Walter and Jacoby Jones are a little less of slam dunks (even if the DVOA says they should have pretty good games), but this offense looks primed to continue rolling on Sunday - especially if Tampa Bay lives up to its 132.4 rushing yards allowed per game

Start 'em if you got 'em is what I advise this week, as the Texans offense should outclass the Buccaneer defense...if the stats are to be trusted.

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