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Bleach Social: Where Are You Watching Texans-Buccaneers?

"Bleach Social? What is that?" you ask.
"It's a running Saturday in-season feature at BRB. Here's an explanation," I respond.

Where's it gonna be this week, people?

Will you be one of the rare Texans fans attending the game live at The Inferno Stadium in Tampa?
Will you be watching at your home?
At a buddy's house?
Or maybe you'll be at a sports bar, prepping for BRBAPALOOZA on December 22nd.

Wherever you'll be, divulge your plans in the Comments below. Additionally, if you're looking for somewhere to watch the game in your town, inquire as to where like-minded fans will be in the Comments as well. There may be someone within the community who can clue you in.

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