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Introduce (Read: Expose) Yourself To Battle Red Blog

Matt Schaub leaves defenders flailing as he displays his Olympic-level speed.
Matt Schaub leaves defenders flailing as he displays his Olympic-level speed.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of watching your JUGGERNAUT play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with DilloTex.  We talked quite a bit about how this crazy season feels.  Some people, like DisplacedTexan, have been optimistic from the beginning.  At best, I was what could be called "cautiously optimistic."  But the fact remains we're a 7-3 team and atop the division.  It feels good to be on top.  With so many new folks 'round these here parts (/hitches up trousers/), and with the bye week at hand, it seems like a good time to dust off an introduction post.

Every few months, we here at BRB like to toss out a post where you can introduce yourself, de-lurk and introduce yourself, or re-introduce yourself.  Why, you might ask yourself, might we do such a crazy thing?  To call yourself a Texans fan takes a special breed, one hardened against the elements like a cattle driver in the days of yore.  Some may question our endless desire for masochism or perhaps the fact we may not be playing with a full deck, but none may question our loyalty or fandom.  Plus, we're 7-3.  Have I mentioned that?

So take your shoes off--pants are always optional 'round these parts--and hop on Papa bfd's lap and tell me all about you.  Below the jump is my intro.

I go by the handle bigfatdrunk, or bfd, a nym which I've used on this series of tubes for 20 years.  At this point, though, it should be amended to include bald.  I grew up an absolutely die-hard Houston Oilers fan, going to nearly every home game from 1975 to 1984.  Yes, that makes me old.  This is my fifth year blogging about your Houston Texans, and it's my third year here at BRB as Blogger Emeritus, which essentially means I'm old, senile, and relatively worthless.  I'm starting up my own company in the financial services industry, and I work way, way too much to be considered healthy, so I don't post much these days.  I have a wife of 16 years (a/k/a, Poor Mrs. bfd) and two kids, 5 and almost 9 years old, and I reside in Austin.

My turn-ons are football, baseball, beer, The University of Texas at Austin, Andre Johnson, Arian Foster, space-eating punters, tacos, fisking, Wade Phillips, any non-country music unless it's before about 1973, and beer.  My turn-offs are just about every announcer, Frank Bush, anything remotely attached to the City of Dallas or Occupied Southern Oklahoma in general, Beelzebud, Frank Bush, the Comicle, cheap and crappy beer, and Frank Bush.

You'll also note that we use a lot of slang here at BRB, so if you've got any questions, here's our glossary.  Now, tell us all about you.

P.S.: If your initials are MB and you live in Austin, I'll buy you a beer if you de-lurk.  Heck, I'll even throw in nachos.