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Dr. Ali Mohamadi Talks Lisfranc On SB Nation

Not pictured:  Schaub's wounded foot.  Or my broken heart.
Not pictured: Schaub's wounded foot. Or my broken heart.

Did you know SB Nation has a medical expert? I did not know that SB Nation had a medical expert. I could have gone the rest of my life not knowing that fact, because it would presumably mean I wouldn't need to read the medical opinions of said expert as it related to one of your Houston Texans. Sadly, with the news about Matt Schaub yesterday, medical opinions are what we crave at the moment.

Dr. Ali Mohamadi has a very informative post up on SB Nation about the injury Schaub is reported to have suffered on Sunday. As you've probably pieced together from what I can assume was a crash course in Lisfranc injuries and treatment over the last 19 hours or so, the prognosis is not altogether positive:

Although the Texans have a bye upcoming and Head Coach Gary Kubiak would only definitively rule Schaub out for Week 12 against Jacksonville, recovery from a Lisfranc injury, which involves the bones and ligaments of the midfoot, typically requires months rather than weeks for a full recovery. This clearly places Schaub's 2011 season in jeopardy, and the major concerns for the remainder of Schaub's career and beyond will be whether the injury heals sufficiently to prevent chronic pain and stiffness of the foot. This will depend upon the exact nature of the injury and how easy it will be to realign the damaged areas of the midfoot, a proposition that may require surgery.

This is not how I wanted to spend the bye week.

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