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Thursday Night Football Open Thread: Jets @ Broncos

A week from Thanksgiving, the NFL Network is giving you a reason to be thankful for Matt Schaub (and, one hopes, Matt Leinart) by staging the Crappy QB Bowl in prime time.  

Consider this:  If you combined the passing stats of Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow into one NFL QB (who we'll call Mim Sanchbow), you'd have the second-most pass attempts in the NFL (403, trailing only Drew Brees' 422), but you'd be tied for the fourth-most completions (216), making  Mim Sanchbow's completion percentage (52.5%) worse than every qualifying QB save for Blaine Gabbert.  Mim's 21 TDs would be fourth in the league, while his 10 interceptions would be tied for seventh-most.  In fact, the only category where Mim would lead the league would be in number of times sacked (36).

That's 13 started games' worth of stats from two NFL QBs, and they would not lead the league in anything that mattered.  Yikes. 

Anyway, consider this your open thread for comments about the game, about how Tim Tebow brings an added dimension with his legs (VY-apologist much?), or how Rex Ryan would really like to get a couple photos of Matt Schaub's cinderblock-sized foot.