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Matt Schaub In Charlotte Today; Will Be Evaluated Tomorrow

Buried in this article about the Texans working out Jeff Garcia, Trent Edwards, Chase Clement, Kellen Clemens, and Brodie Croyle for a possible spot as the third QB on the active roster is the news that Matt Schaub flew to Charlotte today in preparation for a checkup on his foot tomorrow morning. Kubiak said the team is keeping its fingers crossed that Schaub won't have to be placed on injured reserve, which isn't exactly a ringing endorsement of the idea that Schaub will return sometime this year.

Not that the vast majority of Texans fans harbored any realistic hope that Schaub would be under center again this year, but we should have some sort of resolution to this saga tomorrow, assuming the team lets word about what the doctor in North Carolina finds.

In the meantime, please resume your daily rationalizing that Matt Leinart is about to become the Tom Brady to Schaub's Drew Bledsoe.

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