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Sleeper Of The Week: Did You Forget About 'Dre?

Before I jump into the Vicks Sleeper of the Week, I want to take a moment to say that I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving and are enjoying the time spent with family and friends. This week, I'm thankful that this article, in a sense, wrote itself.

No, someone from Vicks did not offer to write this because I have been schilling their product with excitement. Vicks has given the world enough with its health products, so I do not feel the need to ask them to do more. However, a text conversation with a friend of mine (who I shall call D.P.I.K. for reasons that will become obvious) will provide the fodder for this week's fantasy football Texans-centric sleeper of the week.

D.P.I.K.: Ur a texans fan, right?

TDC: Yeah...why?

D.P.I.K.: Need some advice. Should i start 80 this wk in fantasy?

TDC: ...

D.P.I.K.: LOL. Whats that?

TDC: You're asking me if you should start the best WR in the NFL. Really?

D.P.I.K.: Yeah but he was out forever & schaub isnt throwing the ball anymore.

TDC: So?

D.P.I.K.: Soooooo should i start him bro?

TDC: Last time 80 missed this kind of time [Author's note: 2007 where he was out seven games and the bye week], he went 6/120/1 in his return w/ a 73 yd TD on his 6th play back.

D.P.I.K.: With leinart?

TDC.: Do you believe that Leinart's more talented than David Carr?

D.P.I.K.: Yeah i guess.

TDC: With Carr, Dre was pretty good [Author's note II: Johnson averaged 5.1 receptions, 64.8 yards, and 0.28 touchdowns per game in the Carr Era]. Leinart's got an arm and should be able to hit him about 5 or 6 times.

D.P.I.K.: 5 or 6 catches? That aint bad.

TDC: I also imagine Kubiak will call a deep pass or two to Andre early to let people know this offense won't change. With JAX losing Rashean Mathis, it's a thinner group in the secondary. Easy Money. 6/89/1 is very plausible [Author's note III: Jacksonville's banged up along the defensive line as well, so that could lead to more time for Leinart to throw when asked].

D.P.I.K.: Cool, cool. Guess im puttin mike williams on the bench.

TDC: You were debating Andre vs. Mike Williams? You gotta be the dumbest person I know.

- Fin -

I know Texans fans won't be that dumb, but everyone should know that there is no doubting Andre Johnson. He has proven he can bounce back before, he is fresh at a time where many are worn down, he is taking on a Jacksonville defense that has seen two starters hit the injured reserve list recently, and you have to believe the Jags' defense will key in on the run until shown otherwise. This is a perfect storm for a successful Sunday for Mr. Johnson.

Andre Johnson is the sleeper of the week, perhaps the only time I can ever say that, and should be started no matter the situation.

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