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Sleeper Of The Week: Joel Dreessen's Turned Into A Touchdown Machine

Arrogantly, just like the arrogant franchise I follow, I must start by talking about last week's success in predicting Kevin Walter as a good sleeper. Walter's five receptions for 70 yards were a mere 18 yards off of what I predicted to mark the second consecutive week of a good pick and near-accurate prediction. I give all credit to huffing that VapoRub, which has cleared my mind and allowed me to find true Nostradamus-like powers.

With the pressure on, what does the crystal ball tell me about this week's sleeper?  Well, for starters, can he really be a sleeper if he leads the team in touchdown receptions?

According to our friends at Football Outsiders, the Cleveland Browns struggle at covering the tight end. They rank 30th with a +44.5% DVOA. This staggering number, only topped by Arizona and Carolina, means that the Browns have given tight end performance a boost by almost 1.5 times their season average - a statistic that should make a Texans fan grin.

Owen Daniels can't be considered a sleeper since he's back to form and pretty much second in the AFC in tight end statistics, only behind New England's Rob Gronkowski. However, Joel Dreessen is a sleeper and my pick for this week's fantasy sleeper.

Quietly, Dreessen, along with some guy named Andre, leads the Texans with three touchdown receptions. Last week the back-up tight end snared away a pass from a defender for a touchdown. He's also shown the ability to be apart of the big play, most recently against Oakland, where he had a 56-yard reception and caught another key bomb near the end of said game, by using his size against smaller defensive backs.

By making big catches and having reliable hands, Dreessen has earned Matt Schaub's trust, as evidenced by his back-to-back weeks with touchdowns. The former Colorado State Ram has caught touchdowns in three of the four games that Andre Johnson has missed..

With no Johnson and facing a porous tight end defense, I can see Dreessen going for four receptions for 52 yards and another touchdown on Sunday. I'm in need of a tight end in two leagues this week, so I picked up Dreessen. I fully recommend others do the same, as he's this week's sleeper of the week.

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