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Samsung Game Ball Of The Week: Quintin Demps

When it comes to the roster of your Houston Texans, I like to think of myself as a fairly knowledgeable fan. Generally, if people ask me what player is wearing a given number, I can answer the question quickly. I'm sad awesome like that.

Thus, it was more than a little disturbing at Reliant on Sunday when I could not immediately figure out who #27 in steel blue was during the first handful of Cleveland's offensive snaps. The guy was all over the field, and Wade Phillips even brought him after the QB a time or two. #27 looked legit. I'm ashamed to say that I had to look at the roster printout they give you when you walk into Reliant to see who was wearing 27.

Ah-ha, I said. Quintin Demps. The fact that he'd just been re-signed to the active roster a couple of weeks ago, after Danieal Manning went down, made me feel a little better. I still should have known Quintin Demps was #27, though.

After his pick of Colt McCoy late in the first half, and the subsequent 42 yard run back that enabled the Texans to bring Neil Rackers out for an insurance FG right before the break, I won't have that problem again.

Quintin Demps, you are #27. And you are the winner of the Samsung Game Ball of the Week for your excellent effort in the win over the Browns.

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