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BRBAPALOOZA: The Game Is Afoot

The people have spoken, and the people have narrowly indicated they want the next BRB Watch Party to be Texans-Colts on the evening of December 22, 2011 for Thursday Night Football. Mark your calendars accordingly.

That brings up the next question--where to have it.

You know what I think. While I can appreciate the notion that there may be some sentiment to try a different venue, I appreciate the following much, much more:

1. Supporting those who have supported BRB;
2. $2.00 domestic drafts (once again, Shiner will be considered a domestic for our party);
3. $3.00 wells; and
4. Happy hour prices for all appetizers on the menu.

I don't think those prices can be matched, much less beat. Even if they could, I'd still want to have BRBAPALOOZA at 360. I like the people, I like the bar, and I like knowing that they'll treat us right.

Your thoughts?