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Thursday Night Football: Open Thread (Eagles v. Seahawks)

You might look at this game and think, "Why would I care about what happens between two mediocre NFC teams? It doesn't affect the Texans at all." As I can read minds, I would respond to your thought as follows:

1. It's football, which is inherently glorious and should be watched whenever possible.
2. I desperately need Marshawn Lynch and Brent Celek to have big games tonight. There are five (5) teams competing for the three (3) remaining playoff spots in my fantasy league, and I can't afford a no-show by Lynch and Celek. As I know you care about my fantasy squad just as much as I do, that gives you yet another reason to pay attention tonight.

Besides, don't you want to be able to contribute to this open thread? Sure you do! Onward in the Comments!