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SITE NEWS: Image Guidelines

On numerous occasions, in comments in various threads, I've politely asked members of the community to refrain from posting salacious or inappropriate pictures on BRB. I suppose I didn't state my position forcefully enough, because one of the members in our community apparently thought it would be permissible to post nude pictures in the comments to a post this morning. Those comments have been deleted, and the person who posted them has been banned. I am blown away that anyone could think that sort of stuff was fair game on BRB, and I'm angry at myself for allowing things to progress to a point where someone would think posting images like that would be tolerated here.

Thus, allow me to remove any doubt (though again, I'm stunned I actually have to take the time to post about this). Images of individuals nude or in any state of undress are strictly prohibited on BRB. I'm also going to take the image policy a step further while I'm on the subject of image use. Hit the jump, please.

Since the inception of this site, I've been adamant about wanting to keep BRB safe for the workplace. I know that a lot of people check this site throughout the workday, and I don't want this URL to be added to any ban list(s) because of what could be deemed inappropriate image content. Therefore, I am asking all of you to refrain from posting any pictures or images that could run afoul of what can admittedly be a nebulous standard. I like pictures of Christina Hendricks, bouncy GIFs, and the like as much as the next guy, but there's no reason for them to be on BRB. Ever. So stop posting them here.

If you question whether a picture or image would pose a problem for someone who was viewing the thread at work, don't post it. From now on, posting those sorts of images will result in a two-strike policy. First strike means a warning. Second strike means a ban.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss this further, please don't hesitate to e-mail me. As always, thank you for your consideration.