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Inactives: JUGGERNAUT at Cincinnati Bengals

Hit the jump for today's inactives as your Houston Texans take on the Cincinnati Bengals.

Cincinnati Bengals Inactives:

  • Clint Boling G - Ate Skyline Chili
  • Carlos Dunlap DE - Smelled Skyline Chili
  • Thomas Howard LB - Looked at Skyline Chili
  • Brian Leonard RB - Gambling with Pete Rose
  • Robert Sands DB - Fell into the Ohio River
  • Andre Smith OT - Liposuction surgery. He's been promised what they pull out so he can re-eat it.
  • Ryan Whalen WR - Trying out for the Reds.

Your Houston Texans Inactives:

  • Thomas Austin G
  • Tim Bulman DT
  • Jeff Garcia QB
  • Andrew Gardner T
  • Garrett Graham TE
  • Brandon Harris CB
  • Andre Johnson
    Texans vs Bengals coverage