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Mike Brisiel Injured During Sunday's Tilt Against the Bengals. Oh, And Some Receiver Was Waived, Too.

As if to illustrate just how great a win Sunday's game was, Texans' guard Mike Brisiel will miss a few weeks after having surgery on a fractured fibula. Now I know what you may be thinking. "UT, you glorious fool, you; how does yet another injury to our team illustrate how great our win was yesterday? Enlighten us, please."


He suffered the fracture during the first half of the game, and he didn't come out. He played more than half of the game with a not-insignificant injury, and Houston still came away with the win. So we still wound up with another Texan laid up in the new hospital wing of Reliant Stadium, but at least he's expected back in time for the playoffs --- which we're going to, as AFC South Champions.

Also, the Texans waived Derrick Mason. I, for one, am beyond upset by this. Who now will we turn to did he do again? Oh well, at least he didn't cost us anything for his services.

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