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Wade Phillips Reportedly Taking Medical Leave of Absence [Update]

At least according to Mark Berman's Twitter feed.


At this point, it just sorta feels like the universe is punishing us. Most likely because of something Tim did.


UDPATE: The AP is reporting that the ailment is "a kidney condition," that it is not life-threatening, that it is not cancer, and that doctors suggested he go ahead and have the surgery now rather than waiting until after the Texans' defeat the Packers in February.

Also, according to Wade himself, he could be back in as little as 10 days, and he seems in good spirits about the whole thing:

"I feel good. I don’t have any physical problems right now. If I get this done . . . then I’ll be fine. It’s an operation . . . I feel good. The doctors say they can handle everything . . . They see me getting back within 10 days.

It’s not life-threatening. There’s no chemotherapy involved. I don’t want to get into it. It’s not a vasectomy, in case you wondered.

The game plan is set up. . . . I expect everything to run smooth. I haven’t done a good job if they’re not ready to play."