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NFL All-Time Winning Percentage: Houston Texans Making Progress

Lost in the hoopla that is an amazing 10-3 AFC South division-winning season is the fact that your Houston Texans are moving on up.

Moving on up what you ask? The NFL's list of all-time franchise winning percentages. Between Houston's great season and Tampa Bay's 2011 struggles, the Texans passed the Buccaneers on the list three weeks ago. I am sure Tampa Bay will continue to find solace in its Lombardi Trophy, something 14 other franchises wish they had sitting in their headquarters.

Houston is 31st now, sporting a .414 winning percentage, and sits .001 behind the 30th-placed Arizona Cardinals (.415). With a Texans win on Sunday, Houston will leap ahead and look to track down the next grouping of teams, which includes the Atlanta Falcons (.428), New Orleans Saints (.434), and Cincinnati Bengals (.437).

Slowly but surely, the Texans are headed in the right direction and are no longer the NFL's most losingest franchise in terms of win percentage. For those wondering, the Cardinals have lost the most games in NFL history with 698. You can go ahead and store that one in the back of your mind for the next quiz night at your local bar.

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