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Sleeper Of The Week: Can We Give Andre Johnson A Mulligan?

"Look! I DID catch a pass last week!"
"Look! I DID catch a pass last week!"

I cannot beat around the bush. Last week’s effort is on me. I am out there battlin’ and fightin’ to put together a quality sleeper of the week pick, but I just did not execute. I didn't count on King Checkdown showing up and then getting hurt. I have had a good week of practice and hope to get back into form on Sunday. I will also never trust Andre John—no, you know what? No excuses or apologies, I know what really happened.

I was just a week early on my commentary! Truthfully, Andre Johnson would never let me down when I needed it, so it was me jumping the gun like an Olympic sprinter hoping to get that extra edge.

I know what you are thinking. You think I am either lazy or in a Vicks-deprived state. I swear on this six ounce jar of Vaporub that both are not true. A lot of people may think Andre’s down, but he is not out.

First of all, he is still Andre Johnson – a 6’3’’, 226 pound, 4.41 40-yard running freak of nature and devourer of cornerbacks.

Secondly, T.J. Yates, when he was briefly off the leash, showed he was not afraid to target Johnson after he was five yards downfield.

Thirdly, he is being covered by Atlanta Falcons cornerback Dunta Robinson, and Dunta does not mean lockdown.

This season, according to Football Outsiders, the Falcons have had a very nice pass defense. DVOA-wise, Atlanta ranks third against #2 receivers, ninth against #3, 4, and 5 receivers, third against tight ends, and 13th against running backs. The weak point? Their 30th ranking against an opponent’s #1 WR (DVOA of +36.3% and per game averages of 7 passes for 67.9 yards).

The PPG numbers are nice and those FO guys work hard, but if you tell me that a team is among the worst at covering a #1 wide receiver, I will bet my money on Andre – regardless of any other situation around your Houston Texans.

Therefore, the Week 13 sleeper of the week, once again, is Andre Johnson. Because it is just crazy enough to work.

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