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Happy Holidays From BRB

From all of us at BRB, here's wishing you and yours a happy holiday season.

Your Houston Texans got you a division title and a playoff berth for Christmas. It's sort of like the dog you asked for every year as a kid, except this time someone (I'd liken this fictional person to your certifiably insane, socially awkward, drinks-way-too-much-before-the-meal-and-says-horribly-inappropriate-things-about-your-mother-just-after-the-food-is-served-thus-sending-your-mother-away-from-the-table-in-tears-and-creating-a-totally-unnecessarily-tense-remainder-of-the-meal uncle...or MDC) actually got you a puppy. Yes, the pup promptly pooped under the tree/lost to a Dan Orlovsky-led 1-13 Colts squad, but got a DOG. Dreams do come true.

Enjoy your day.