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In The Spirit Of The Season, I Will Not Write A Scathing Analysis Of The Texans' Loss To Indianapolis

Even four days after the fact, it would easy for me to immortalize my anger, disappointment, and incredulity about what transpired in Indianapolis on December 22, 2011. While the passage of time has dulled some of the furor, it hasn't dissipated nearly as much as I thought it would have by now. I'm still rankled. And I'm rankled that I'm rankled, because (1) there's really nothing to be gained by getting worked up over something I can't control and (2) your Houston Texans have won the AFC South, will be hosting a playoff game, and thus, as I all too frequently remind myself, are playing with house money thanks to a litany of injuries that would have destroyed a lesser team. Still...

I could rant and rave about how Dan Orlovsky managed to lead a 1-13 Colts squad on a game-winning drive in less than two minutes despite having no timeouts. I could rage about how it's beyond belief that the Texans let things deteriorate to a point where the Colts having a chance to win the game on their last drive was even possible. I could question the wisdom of having Kareem Jackson in single coverage on Reggie Wayne under any circumstances at any time (and it happened throughout the game, not just on that last drive). I could wonder whether teams have now figured out how to attack T.J. Yates, or worry about how he hasn't gone downfield with any regularity for the last two weeks. I could complain about the weakness of the Houston wide receivers when Andre Johnson isn't around. I could whine about Gary Kubiak's play-calling, or speculate where this loss ranks among his all-time worst as head coach of the Texans. I could lament how Wade Phillips or Matt Schaub could have single-handedly changed the outcome of what happened in Indianapolis.

Naturally, it goes without saying (but watch me say it!) that I could burst a blood vessel about the officiating or champion a far-fetched theory that J.J. Watt must have committed unspeakable wrongs against one or more members of the officiating crew or their respective families.

I shall refrain. In the spirit of the holiday season, I shall refrain. It's over, and there's nothing we can do about it except move on. Bud Adams' Army of Darkness is coming to town on Sunday, and then the first playoff game in franchise history arrives after that. I'd rather talk about how the Texans can personally crush any Tennessee dreams of postseason football in less than a week, or what the atmosphere at Reliant Stadium will be like on January 7th or 8th, or what you got or gave for Christmas, or how awesome it was to be a parent on Christmas for the first time yesterday. Those are far more interesting, and far less likely to drive me to myocardial infarction, so I choose to turn my focus away from the debacle in Indy and toward happier things.

Sweet Mariah...the PeytonManningless Colts beat the Texans. THE COLTS! HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?

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