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Arian Foster And Johnathan Joseph Named To Pro Bowl; Nine Other Texans Named Alternates

As Barry's FanShot says, your Houston Texans only had two players selected to the Pro Bowl. There's no doubt that both Arian Foster and Johnathan Joseph were deserving of the honor. Both have been among the best in the NFL at their respective positions throughout the year.

Although Connor Barwin, Duane Brown, Brian Cushing, Chris Myers, Owen Daniels, Andre Johnson, Jacoby Jones (zuh?), Antonio Smith, and J.J. Watt were named Pro Bowl alternates, I'm surprised that at least Cushing and Myers didn't get reserve nods. The recognition (and perhaps the contractual bonus that a Pro Bowl appearance may have foisted upon the recipients) would have been nice for those guys, but anyone who has watched the Texans play this year knows exactly how awesome they've been even if the Pro Bowl voting results don't echo that reality.

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