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Three And Out: Useless Predictions For Texans-Titans

As we enter the final week of the 2011 regular season, and thus the final regular season edition (I like how, for the first time ever, I have to qualify "final edition" with "regular season") of "Three and Out," I figured it would be a fine time to take stock of how I the spirits did in predicting the winner of each Texans game this year. Sure, I could also examine how accurate each specific prediction for each game was, but I lack both the wherewithal and whiskey for that at the moment. Therefore, I'm going to stay on the big picture stuff for now. Away we go!

Week One: Correct. That was too easy. How could anyone pick the Colts to beat the Texans without Peyton Manning?
Week Two: Correct. This is getting eerie.
Week Three: Correct. I've got chills.
Week Four: Incorrect. Whew. I was starting to believe the hype. I needed that.

Week Five: Incorrect. Uh-oh. Is that doubt I feel creeping in?
Week Six: Correct. Nope. Not doubt. I'm the smartest man alive.
Week Seven: Correct. I especially enjoyed looking back at this one, because it provides a timely opportunity to link to the post where MDC swore allegiance to Tennessee.
Week Eight: Correct. Even Blaine Gabbert would have gotten that one right.
Week Nine: Correct. Admit it. You're about to send money and ask me to predict if you'll ever find true love. I'm a good guy, so I'll give you this one for free: No, you won't.
Week Ten: Correct. I totally understand if you can't read any further. It's getting awfully "Sixth Sense II: Electric Bugaloo" up in here.
Week Eleven (Bye): There wasn't a Texans game, but I didn't let that stop me from spreading the psychic goodness.
Week Twelve: Correct. Not even the loss of Matt Schaub can stop me. I'm a runaway train of psychosis. I mean, psychic ability.
Week Thirteen: Incorrect. How dare I pick against T.J. Yates in his first start?
Week Fourteen: Correct. Bang! I'm back, baby!
Week Fifteen: Incorrect. Ouch. That was deflating. If picking against rookie QBs playing on the road is wrong, I don't want to be right.
Week Sixteen: Incorrect. I still can't believe I Munson'd this one. Dan Orlovsky??!!!???

There you have it. Out of the 15 games your Houston Texans have played, I have correctly picked the winner 10 times. That's a success rate of 66.7%, which I am pretty sure makes me THE ROCKINGEST SEER IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND. For the purpose of this week's pick, it's worth noting that I have never been wrong three (3) games in a row. Consequently, you can take this to the bank (Note: Do not take this to the bank)...

PUT YOUR NAME ON IT: It won't be 41-7, but your Houston Texans are going to eliminate Bud Adams' Army of Darkness from playoff contention. Andre Johnson and Wade Phillips will make it so. Texans 23, Titans 21.

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