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Texans Playoff Scenarios, Week 14: How Can The Texans Clinch The AFC South?

"TDC, are you serious?"
"TDC, are you serious?"

For the first time in franchise history, your Houston Texans enter a game with the opportunity to clinch the division championship in the balance. I would have said playoff berth, but 2009's Week 17 technically could claim that distinction.

Take a moment to let that soak in and/or catch your breath. Good? Okay, let's get back to it.

Yes, your Houston Texans could be celebrating at 3:30 PM CT on Sunday December 11th, 2011 as AFC South Champions. It is a really simple scenario actually. Despite its simplicity, I will make you jump for it. What? It has been 10 years, so what more is a jump to you?

A win over the Cincinnati Bengals, combined with a win by the New Orleans Saints over the Tennessee Titans, will give the division to the Texans.

How? I am glad you asked.

Even if, after the above scenario, the Texans lose out to end the season at 10-6 and the Titans win out to tie them at 10-6, the Texans would own the deciding tiebreaker.

- The first tiebreaker between two tied teams within a division is head-to-head record. The Texans and Titans, under this scenario, would be 1-1.

- The second tiebreaker between two tied teams within a division is division record. The Texans and Titans would finish 4-2, per the scenario.

- The third tiebreaker between two tied teams within a division is record against common opponents. This is Indianapolis (x 2), Jacksonville (x 2), the four NFC South teams, and the four AFC North teams. The Texans would win by one game – Houston's 8-4 to Tennessee 7-5.

See? Simple scenario. A Houston win and a Tennessee loss is all you need to hope for this weekend to celebrate Houston’s first 10-win season and division championship.

Biggest game/week in franchise history? It finally seems appropriate to say so.

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