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Report: Texans Waive Kellen Clemens, Will Supposedly Sign Jeff Garcia (UPDATE: And Matt Turk)

John McClain says:

The Texans are going to sign quarterback Jeff Garcia to replace quarterback Kellen Clemens, who was placed on waivers today.

Garcia, who played for quarterbacks coach Greg Knapp at San Francisco, worked out for the Texans in each of the last two weeks. They wanted two veterans to play behind rookie T.J. Yates. Jake Delhomme was signed last week and was the No. 2 quarterback for Sunday’s 17-10 victory over Atlanta.

Here's my working theory: Gary Kubiak has finally figured out time travel. He's going to set the DeLorean for 2006, and his Houston Texans are going to SMOKE opponents with their depth at QB. Granted, T.J. Yates won't be able to drive yet, but that's a minor detail. Just you wait.

Tip o' the cap to Jonathan Fosburgh for the FanPost inspiration.

UPDATE: In the same story linked above, McClain is now also reporting that the Texans have signed Matt Turk to replace Brett Hartmann. My initial reaction is twofold: (1) We're about to really start appreciating Hartmann if we didn't already; and (2) I guess Chad Stanley wasn't available.

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