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BREAKING NEWS: Texans Release Eugene Wilson And Andre Davis

Rivers' FanShot is here; I just wanted to get a full post up about it for distribution purposes.

As horrendous as Eugene Wilson was last year, for my money there's no way we can say he's the worst Texans DB of all time.  I'm not even sure we could say he's the worst Texans safety in franchise history.  Ultimately, maybe that's Wilson's Houston epitaph:  Eugene Wilson (2008-2011):  Not As Crappy As His Predecessors, As He At Least Showed Early Flashes Of Adequacy Before Becoming A Glaring Liability That Made Houston Fans Question What They Did To Deserve This.

With regard to Apostrophe Davis, the only thing that surprises me is that this move came in February 2011 instead of August of 2010. Davis was a great pickup in '07 and parlayed his success that season into a 4 year/$16,000,000.00 contract that, in retrospect, was awfully generous for a guy who never really saw the field as a wide receiver with any consistency.  Credit to Apostrophe, however, for using the momentum of his special teams wizardry and the production he flashed at WR during the games Andre Johnson missed due to injury in '07 as the means to getting a fat contract.  Well played, Mr. Davis.