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PUT YOUR NAME ON IT: Super Bowl Prediction Thread

The Super Bowl, scheduled to be played on the treacherous frozen tundra of Arlington, is a little more than two days away. That means it's high time for all of us to weigh in with our prediction(s) for the big game. My prediction--sure to go horribly wrong, mind you--is beyond the jump.

PUT YOUR NAME ON IT: How is that I, a professed Texans fan, can opine that a team that prominently features Dom Capers among its decision-makers will win a championship? Four words, my friends: Courage and Irish whiskey. Packers 24, Steelers 23. Bonus prediction: Your Super Bowl MVP will be Clay Matthews.

Leave your brilliant and sure-to-be-accurate prediction for the final score, game MVP, and any other areas on which you feel the need to weigh in on the Comments below.