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McClain: Titans Expected To Hire Bruce Matthews

Earlier today, it looked like it was all over but the crying. Now, I give you the crying:

Matthews spent the last two seasons working with the Texans’ offensive line, but the opportunity to work with his former teammate and best friend, new Titans’ head coach Mike Munchak, was too good to pass up.

Two people who are familiar with the situation confirmed Tuesday that Munchak is hiring Matthews.

I can't get too fired up about Bruce Matthews wanting to coach one of his sons and with his best friend. I wish him all the luck in the world, save 16 (18?) times from September to January.

Regardless, don't sweat it, Texans fans. That same link also mentions that "...former Texans defensive coordinator Frank Bush is the leading candidate to become the Titans’ linebackers coach." The thought of the Tennessee linebackers lining up fifteen yards off the line of scrimmage under Bush's tutelage brings a joy in my heart that renders me nearly speechless.