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Texans Down 'N Dirty: Long Way To Go Edition

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As of two days ago, the entire NFL joined the Houston Texans and other teams that had shorter than desired years to officially begin what will be a turbulent yet often times quiet offseason.  The draft order is complete with the reigning champion Packers selecting 32nd and the runner up Steelers picking right before them.  We are 78 days away from said draft, and it's going to be a difficult ride to get there.  I apologize as these posts get shorter and shorter, but the fact is that people are really starting to shift focus elsewhere now that football has gone into hibernation.  The daily links post will trudge on though, even if there are only a few articles worth the read.  For the ones today that are worth your time, follow the jump.

As expected yesterday, John McClain is reporting that the Titans have officially informed the Texans that they will interview Bruce Matthews for the offensive line coach position in Tennessee.  Matthews is likely to take the promotion to work for one of his former teammates coaching among others, his son.  It will be weird to see him go, but good luck to Matthews if he does in fact leave.  The news is bittersweet, however, as it was learned that Frank Bush might be head to Nashville to coach the linebackers.

Speaking of John McClain, Daniel Charles gave him props for not whining about the weather while getting to cover Super Bowl XLV.  No, he was not being sarcastic.

Patrick over at Texans Tribune detailed what he as a Texans fan would like to see in the offseason for both the offense and the defense.  Free agent signings dominate not only Patrick's thinking but most that of most Texans fans, as the team does not have the time to fix this problem through the draft.

Diehard Chris continued his offseason free agency spotlight with Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor.  Barrett Walton made his wishes known for the Pittsburgh defensive back as well.  Taylor would be a nice addition, but I get a little leery of putting a lot of eggs in that basket considering that the Steelers front seven and the best safety in the NFL can cover up for a lot of shortcomings.

One avenue to bolster the secondary is to draft one early in April, possibly Nebraska cornerback Prince Amukamara.  Following a note from yesterday, Wes Bunting wonders whether Amukamara is worth an early selection, and thinks its possible that Prince might be playing safety at the next level like Malcolm Jenkins and Antrel Rolle.

Another prospect that the Texans are surely considering is Texas A&M outside linebacker Von Miller.  The official site has an interview with the Senior Bowl standout from Mobile.