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Texans Down 'N Dirty: St. Patty's Edition

Jake is otherwise indisposed this morning, so I got my number called again to mop up during garbage time. Unfortunately, there isn't too much to talk about Texans related besides the millions (AND MILLIONS!!!) of Mock Drafts flying around out there.

There's also a few tidbits about some of the rule changes being proposed at an NFL meeting next week, some more news about some rookies not showing up to the green room on draft day and even more drawn out labor dispute talk.

Mock drafts are a peculiar thing. Some love 'em, some hate 'em. Some like to get excited to see a name they really like falling to their team, while others like to just bash the guy who prepared said mock and whine about how he knows nothing about their team. Personally, I like them. I love to see how people who don't follow the Texans as closely as we do think about us. Of course, it isn't usually pretty; of course, it isn't like were placing them on a pedestal lately. But I digress.

There have been some interesting mocks falling out there lately. Some have us taking a project player like Aldon Smith at #11, while others have us taking Julio Jones or even J. J. Watt or Cameron Jordan, whilst most of them I've seen have Houston taking Robert Quinn...which makes Mike a happy boy.

A mock draft put together by NFL scouts this week had some interesting results with video analysis by Mike Mayock. Pretty good stuff. Patrick at Texans Tribune dissected the NFL Network's mock drafts done by their top analysts and created a formula to see what players are most likely to be available after the top 10.

If you have time to look through numerous mocks, I recommend checking out the mock draft database at Walter Football. I go there several times per day (it is updated daily...many times) when time permits. If you don't want to look through them individually, you can always head over to Diehard Chris' mock draft tracker, another page I visit every day.

More players are talking about boycotting the green room at the NFL draft, and this is being led by former Aggie Von Miller. Alan Burge also talks about three major rule changes that are being proposed at NFL meetings next week.

And, finally, if you want links about the lockout...well, you don't have to look too far. Just start here.

I just wanted to end by wishing everyone a happy and safe St. Patrick's Day. Yes, I'm Irish and proud of it. But everyone gets to be Irish for today. So live it up this evening and drink responsibly. And by that I mean drink a lot.