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Kareem Jackson Was Dead Last In The NFL Last Year In Yards Per Pass Allowed

Football Outsiders finally finished their charting data (sorry Aaron) and started pumping out some informative pieces this last week. One of them? A look at the worst cornerbacks in the league last year. Who was the worst on two of the three categories? Our friend Reemboi25, that's who.

Per FO's charting data, Kareem Jackson led all NFL cornerbacks by allowing 11.1 yards per pass, and he double dipped by also leading NFL cornerbacks in yards after catch. It's not a stunning revelation by any facet of the imagination if you watched a Texans game last season. Jackson was beaten deep early and often, and his safety help was non-existent. Of course, he was also beaten short, beaten on slants, and beaten pretty much every other way you can be. Which is why he was dead last amongst NFL cornerbacks in both stats. His success rate was 67th out of 83 though! So he's got that going for him.

In related news, if your team ever considers starting a rookie cornerback from day one, it's likely a sign that your front office is delirious.

But it's okay, Jackson was better than DeAngelo Hall. And Hall went to the Pro Bowl. Why would you complain about him? I don't know.