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BRB Mock Draft Update: Who's Repping Which Team

We've gotten a good response to yesterday's request for fake general managers/front offices in preparation for the 2011 BRB Mock Draft. A list of which teams have been claimed, and by who, is after the jump. If I've listed you with a team you no longer want, or neglected to list you for a team you did want, correct me in the Comments.

More importantly, if you see a team without a name or names after it, that means the team is still available, so feel free to jump on it if you feel the urge. Even if a team has been claimed, if you want to join its pretend front office, let us know in the Comments.

1. Carolina Panthers--Patrick D. Starr
2. Denver Broncos--La Voz
3. Buffalo Bills--nolander, dwalthall12
4. Cincinnati Bengals--ez91
5. Arizona Cardinals--NoSafetiesNeeded southpaw70
6. Cleveland Browns--Jordann
7. San Francisco 49ers--TexansDC
8. Tennessee Titans--txknight
9. Dallas Cowboys--I am Ironman!!!
10. Washington Redskins--HoustonTransplant, Rip Jersey, RedWolf333, Cut Block
11. Houston Texans--BRB Staff or BRB Community
12. Minnesota Vikings--AllenOU
13. Detroit Lions--Riott, RedWolf333
14. St. Louis Rams--AllenOU, bone31crusher
15. Miami Dolphins--DaGoaT
16. Jacksonville Jaguars--Rip Jersey
17. New England Patriots (from Oakland)--Riott
18. San Diego Chargers--La Voz
19. New York Giants--Cassieper
20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers--dhigs11, AllenOU
21. Kansas City Chiefs--AllenOU, RED56
22. Indianapolis Colts--Our resident Colts Open Threaders
23. Philadelphia Eagles--NoSafetiesNeeded
24. New Orleans Saints--Jon Banks, LouisianaTexan
25. Seattle Seahawks--UprootedTexan
26. Baltimore Ravens--Danny Santos
27. Atlanta Falcons--Jason Brown
28. New England Patriots--Riott
29. Chicago Bears--shake n bake
30. New York Jets--Fuzion
31. Pittsburgh Steelers--AlDe2356
32. Green Bay Packers--HoustonTransplant