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With The First Pick Of The 2011 BRB Mock Draft, The Carolina Panthers Select...

Cam Newton (QB--Auburn).

Patrick D. Starr's analysis and explanation for the pick is after the jump.

The Panthers need a lot of help, so why not go with the best potential player? We debated Marcell Dareus, but I feel it is too high for an interior defensive lineman. A franchise quarterback that can be a difference maker is what the Panthers need. The Panthers don’t have time to wait on Jimmy Clausen, so Newton will start from day one and give a solid foundation to an already young team. With an established offense and a good running game, Newton can re-energize the offense and a franchise that needs help.

Your thoughts on the pick, BRB? Share in the Comments below.

The Denver Broncos (via La Voz) are now officially on the clock!