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Texans Down 'N Dirty: Private Workouts Edition

Yesterday, the quarterback for the Houston Texans, Matt Schaub, hosted a private workout for members of the team (tip of the cap to WhiskeyR for his FanPost).  Several teams have been organizing such workouts while the players are locked out of the league in order to maintain their level of play.  I had been seeing this all over the league and wondered when the Texans would get this done.

While I find this incredibly encouraging and think this is just another feather in Schaub's underrated leadership cap, I want to know what is being done about the defense in the locked out offseason.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't a completely new defensive scheme being implemented?  So it's great to see them take initiative and work out, but I'd like to see them take it a step further and find a way to learn Wade Phillips' defense.  For the rest of the links that pertain to the Texans, follow the jump.

Among the defensive players that you don't have to worry about staying in shape is Brian Cushing.  He posted this Youtube video of him working out in his hometown gym, among many others.

Cushing was the first round pick of the Texans in 2009.  River McCown went back and looked at his shadow draft from that year where he played GM as the picks were happening, and tried to determine if he or Rick Smith had better selections.

Chris Watkins catalogued a stream of conscientiousness about the draft and what he feels is best for the Texans.  Something tells me Chris needs to lay off the draft news and get some sleep.

Mike Kerns also weighed in with his draft thoughts when he updated his personal draft board.  One notable omission on Mike's board is Wisconsin DE J.J. Watt, who many believe is the best five-technique in the draft.

Lance Zierlein had a great post about defensive linemen in a 3-4 to include Wade Phillips' by now infamous "one gap" scheme.  It is an outstanding read for anyone trying to understand the responsibilities of five-techniques and nose tackles in a 3-4.

There were four mock drafts yesterday of note.  Here they are along with who they have the Texans selecting and my initial reaction to that pick:

Doug Farrar:  Missouri DE/OLB - Aldon Smith.  Don't like it.

Evan Silva:  Purdue DE/OLB - Ryan Kerrigan.  Hate it.

Rob Rang:  North Carolina DE/OLB - Robert Quinn.  Love it.

Chad Reuter:  Nebraska CB - Prince Amukamara.  Like it.

For those that think that Amukamara won't make it to the Texans at 11 because the Dallas Cowboys will select him at 9, apparently Tony Pauline has heard that they are not interested in the Big XII Defensive Player of the Year.  I've heard a lot of speculation that they really would like to trade up and grab Patrick Peterson, which sounds very much like a Jerry Jones move to me.

Lastly, a lot of Texans fans have supported the idea of drafting Alabama wide receiver Julio Jones.  While I don't think this is a terrible idea, I beleive that there is no way it will happen.