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NFL And NFLPA Agree To 24-Hour Extension Of CBA Expiration Deadline

From ESPN:

Just hours before the end of the NFL's collective bargaining agreement, due to expire at midnight on Thursday, NFLPA executive committee member Jeff Saturday said the two sides opted to continue discussions aimed at maintaining the labor peace that the NFL has enjoyed since 1987.

The league and players' union were meeting for a 10th day with mediator George Cohen.

The owners' proposal to the players Thursday, according to sources, was enough to "stop the clock" and continue negotiations on a new CBA that would delay a work stoppage.

The fact that the owners' latest proposal demonstrated enough progress to warrant the NFLPA agreeing to extend the deadline has to be viewed as a step in the right direction. While I'm still not optimistic that the sides will come to terms before a work stoppage begins, I am pleased that they're still talking and at least giving the appearance that they're not so entrenched in their respective camps that a deal is impossible.  Baby steps, I suppose.