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With The Third Pick Of The 2011 BRB Mock Draft, The Buffalo Bills Select...

A player whose identity shall be revealed to you by nolander and dwalthall12 after the jump. Click below, won't you?

The Bills need help at LT, QB and pretty much all over their defense, but that doesn't really matter for one reason. BPA. The Bills, as they proved with C.J. Spiller last year, believe in taking the best player available. Marcell Dareus is a beast and the best player on the board with Peterson gone. He can play any position on the D-line for the Bills, who desperately need help on the front seven. There was some debate about whether to take Dareus or Von Miller, but in the end we didn't have too much trouble deciding on Dareus.

QB was also a consideration, but the Bills have shown a willingness (multiple times last year) to pass on a QB they aren’t sure of, and going into this year, QB is less of a need then it was last year, thanks to Ryan Fitzpatrick’s play.

For the purpose of the 2011 BRB Mock Draft, Marcell Dareus is now a Bill. The Bengals of Cincinnati, via their fake general manager ez91, are now on the clock.