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Texans Down 'N Dirty: NFL Fans Are Masochists Edition

It's a bad offseason for NFL fans. For a time of year that is usually fairly devoid of football related happenings, this year is especially bad due to the labor uncertainty. Different people prefer different ways of coping with the interruption of their cycle of free agency, draft, offseason workouts, training camp and then season. Some are paying even more attention to the draft. Some are following every bit of news about the CBA negotiation.

Another group of fans have chosen to protest the NFL for locking out the players, and therefore indirectly, the fans. As Mike Silver of Yahoo Sports points out, this is in fact not intelligent because it shows a high level of interest on the part of these fans. What the NFL fears is disinterest. Using Silver's column as a muse, Rivers McCown wondered aloud why we would put up with the nonsense that is going on in the NFL. Notice I say "we" because I'm just as guilty as I sit here writing this article.

The truth is, when the NFL is at its best which it has been lately, it is unsurpassed for its qualities as a sport. While I would never disparage a fan for losing interest, I can honestly say that I am nowhere near my breaking point. I almost feel weak for admitting that. For more news that actually pertains to the Houston Texans and the draft, follow the jump.

In one more bit regarding the labor negotiations, Stephanie Stradley tells us why the NFL is full of "garbage" for saying that they cannot negotiate with the players. Great article, although I don't see the need to subject everyone to "Sex And The City 2."

Nick Scurfield compiled his second iteration of his Mock Draft Machine, and his guest this week was the National Football Post's draft analyst Wes Bunting. Given the ten that were off the board, Bunting selected North Carolina DE/OLB Robert Quinn for the Texans.

Rivers reacted to the mock draft linked here yesterday of Doug Farrar and his selection of Aldon Smith to the Texans. Rivers justifies this pick since Robert Quinn, Julio Jones and Prince Amukamara are off the board, but I would rather have either Cameron Jordan or JJ Watt than Smith.

Patrick Starr followed Mike Kerns' lead and wrote up his draft board for the 11th overall pick. I like his top three of Julio Jones, Prince Amukamara and Robert Quinn, but I would just switch Quinn and Jones positions for mine.

A lot of Texans fans don't seem to like Amukamara, but I don't see why not and think he would be a great addition to the Texans. Fans of teams with a secondary this bad can't really afford to be picky, especially with a very good talent.